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Meet The Team

Jaco Jacobs


Our hands on founder Jaco constantly strives for success by not only making major corporate decisions but also managing the direction and strategy of the business. With over 20 years of business knowledge as well as a spiritual belief like no other it’s clear to see why we are moving in an upward curve.

Renso Du Plessis

Chief Operating Officer

Our dynamic second-in command  over the whole company Renzo constantly leads employees by example and motivates them in order to strive for overall success and set goals as well as promote a clear vision and company culture in order to insure the overall growth of the company as well as it employees.

Louis Oosthuizen

Chief Financial Officer

From planning, implementing and managing to running all of the financial activities of the company, one can clearly see why Louis is an integral part of the machine that makes us tick. Louis is a clear and rational thinker with years of experience leaving us in safe hands.

Clint Hoadley

Chief Operations Manager

The engine that keeps on running best describes Clint, hard work and constant grit is what makes Clint the perfect COM that our company needs. Clint controls the logistics throughout the company and make sure the wheel keeps turning, he is the reason that our clients receive their product and keeps them smiling.

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