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Can one prepare stews in the MPC?
Yes any stew can be prepared in the MPC as long as the foods are put into a Pyrex dish or small potjie/cast iron pot.

How can I keep meat juicy when cooking in my MPC?
When cooking meat in the MPC we suggest that you cook it at 180 degrees and not hotter, the meat will always be succulent.

Can I bake and cook meat at the same time?
Yes of course. Place the meat on the bottom rack and the food you wish to bake on the top rack.

Can the globe of the MPC be replaced?
Yes it can.

Does the MPC use a lot of electricity?
No, the MPC uses 1/3 the amount of electricity compared to a conventional oven. In essence using the MPC will save you money.
So the more you use it, the more you save!


Can one prepare pap in the MFC?
Yes of course. It has a pre-programmed pap cooking function.

Is it possible to cook stews without using water?
Yes as long as you are not cooking a dry starch food such as rice, stamp and potatoes etc.

Is the MFC safe to use?
Yes the MFC is very safe as it has a safety feature, Once the MFC has built up the required pressure and the valve has popped up, you will not be able to open the lid until the pressure has been released using the pressure release valve.

Can one pre-set the MFC?
Yes, If you would like the MFC to start cooking in 2 hours from your current time, you will need to press the timer button on the MFC until the screen shows you 2:00, then press the preferred function button (stew for example), ensure that the food is in the MFC and that the lid is closed, The pressure valve must be in the closed position too.

What happens once the food is finished cooking.
The MFC will beep a number of times letting you know the cooking time has been completed, the MFC will then switch over to warm mode, keeping the contents of the MFC warm until you decide to release the pressure and open the lid.

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