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3 Year Extended Warranty

Please note that all Cook4life terms and conditions are subject to the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 (CPA) and in no way override or circumvent any rights the Purchaser may have in terms thereof.

This agreement (“the extended warranty”) has been entered into between Cook4life and the Purchaser in respect of the products described on the proof of purchase (invoice).

The manufacturer’s warranty starts on the day of the products purchased. The extended warranty starts one (1) calendar day after the manufacturer’s warranty expires and will extend the warranty by an additional 24 calendar months (2 years).

All terms and conditions of the standard manufacturer’s warranty apply to the extended warranty.

This means that damage caused by, or evidence of the following (but not limited to) will invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty and will not be covered under the extended warranty either:

1. Lightning damage to any electronic equipment.

2. Extended exposure to moisture and humidity.

3. Liquid contamination.

4. Fire or heat damage.

5. Acts of God.

6. War.

7. Public disturbances.

8. Connection to incorrect voltage or damage due to electrical power surges, load shedding or power interruptions.

9. Normal wear and tear.

10. Accidental damage.

11. Misuse or abuse.

12. Failure to properly maintain the equipment or goods.

13. Use of improper cleaning methods, products or equipment.

14. Infestation by insects or vermin.

15. Incorrect installation.

16. Incorrect operation.

17. Use for which it is not designed (e.g. commercial or industrial environment).

18. Use of faulty or leaking batteries in electronic equipment.

19. Damage caused by the use of remanufactured or generic accessories (eg. universal power supplies).

20. Incomplete or incorrect customer instruction/education.

21. Evidence of tampering or repair by a non-approved service centre.

22. Altered or removed serial number.

23. Prolonged and excessive periods of maximum volume and loudness leading to damage of speakers and/or speaker boxes

24. Damage causing LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) leakage or screen cracks.

25. Software related faults (no hardware fault) on electronic equipment

26. Faulty, expired on non-compatible software drivers on electronic equipment.

27. Damage caused by viruses or malicious software on electronic equipment.

28. Theft or Accidental loss of equipment (product).

Should the product require repairs in terms of the warranty during the course of the joint warranty period, Cook4life will collect the consumers’ product in order to submit the product for repairs.

Kindly note that the extended warranty is a repair warranty and does not automatically entitle the Purchaser to a replacement of the product or a refund.

Upon submission of the product, the Purchaser must supply Cook4life with a proof of purchase of the original product.

After any repairs have been conducted on the product, Cook4life will notify the Purchaser that the product is available for collection. Cook4life will deliver the product to the consumer once it has been repaired within a period of 3 (three) months.

During the extended warranty period, should it not be possible to repair the product for whatever reason, Cook4life will replace the product with a new product to the same or better specifications than the original unit purchased. This new product may not include an extended warranty, but will carry a standard manufacturer’s warranty, starting on the date of issue of the new product.

If, for any reason during the extended warranty period, Cook4life is unable to supply a product with the same or better specifications than that of the original unit purchased, during the extended warranty period, Cook4life will supply the customer with an Cook4life gift card or online voucher to the same value of the original purchase, as indicated on the proof of purchase (invoice). Any special promotions or discount at the time of purchase, will not entitle the Purchaser to a higher value than the price paid for the product.

If, at any time, Cook4life should decide to refund any money paid for a product, the refund will be equivalent to the value (price) paid for the product at the time of purchase, as indicated on the proof of purchase (invoice). Any special promotions or discount at the time of purchase, will not entitle the Purchaser to a higher refund than the price paid for the product.

All Cook4life products are backed up by a manufacturer’s or supplier’s warranty within the first year of purchase. For more details on the exact manufacturer’s warranty of a product, kindly refer to the documentation supplied with your unit, on the manufacturer’s website or enquire at your nearest Cook4life branch.

This extended warranty will be added and registered to the specific product and to the Purchaser as a value added product and is not slot bonus new member refundable or transferrable in any way

The Purchaser may also contact the Customer Call Centre (087 9800 345) to assist with further details on this slot gacor hari ini program

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